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The "Love Molecule" Is Made For Valentine's Day! 

BrainON contains the "Love Molecule", also known as Phenylethylamine (PEA).  Scientists say that the Love Molecule (PEA) is a natural mood lifter that is produced by the brain when you experience romantic love.  The Love Molecule is also responsible for the pleasurable mood some enjoy from chocolate.  BrainON has even more of the Love Molecule than chocolate.  BrainON also may support a healthy mood balance, increased clarity, better concentration, a healthy response to stress, and the ability to function at a higher level.  Enjoy organic BrainON in your next fruit smoothie or green drink.  What a great gift for your Valentine! 


♥ Get 2 Free Bottles added to your order when you buy a fresh-frozen 6-pack of BrainON (OriginalFlavored, or Supreme )* That's eight bottles for the price of six - a value of up to $85.90! 



♥ Save 15% on any size of BrainON capsules, powder, or On-The-Go Singles!




PLEASE NOTE:  This offer is valid only on the products & sizes listed above, with no substitutions. The fresh-frozen offer is valid on BrainON (Original, Flavored, or Supreme) 6-packs only, the 2 additional free bottles will be the same as the 6-pack ordered. Free bottles will be added during checkout once you place the eligible 6-pack in your cart.  This offer ends Feb. 28th, 2023  at midnight pst.  Sale items are not eligible for further discounts.

*This is only for BrainON and does not apply to fresh-frozen E3Live (Original or Flavored) or Variety packs. 

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