Green-a-Colada / by Chef Purnell

using the Refractance Window Dried™ signature superfood E3AFA — dried Aphanizomenon flos-aquae

recipe by Chef Matthew Purnell
Matthew has been a chef in San Diego for over 20 years focusing on thoughtfully prepared plant-based cuisine. Check out the organic plant-based catering business he runs with his partner Fuji Harville in SoCal Living on the Veg

4 cups  coconut milk (young Thai coconuts with meat)
2 cups  pineapple
2 cups  kale (chopped roughly)
2 cups  ice
1 cup  mango
2 ea  ripe banana
2 tbsp  E3AFA blue-green algae powder
1 tsp  vanilla powder

Prepare coconut milk first in high speed blender. Then add in all other ingredients except ice, and blend thoroughly. Lastly add in ice and finish blending. Enjoy in your favorite smoothie cup!
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from 2021: interview with Chef Purnell and partner Fuji Harville.
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Check out their organic plant-based catering business in SoCal
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