refractance window™

Refractance Window™ drying uses circulating water at atmospheric pressure to carry heat to the product to be dried. Moist product is applied to the upper surface of an infrared-transparent, plastic conveyer belt that floats on the surface of the heated, circulating water. This water is continuously re-circulated and re-heated, so as to maintain temperature as heat energy is transferred to the product.

Unlike hot air tray or tunnel dryers that require several hours or freeze dryers that take from 12 to 72 hours, Refractance Window dryers require only 2 to 6 minutes to dry most products. Refractance Window drying has major advantages over tray and tunnel drying, as well as over drum drying and spray drying, in that foods and pharmaceutical ingredients are exposed to much milder temperatures and final products maintain high levels of sensory qualities, such as color, flavor, and aroma.*

* Refractance Window; Food Online, Safe Processing and Packaging; July 21, 2000

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