Our October Specials

our october specials

Fresh-Frozen E3Live Original and Fresh-Frozen E3Live Apple/Lemon Flavor
Our signature superfood may provide increased energy, vitality, and endurance. Help keep your mind and body balance through the fall.
Buy a six-pack (16oz bottles) and get one more bottle FREE (of the same product).* Save up to $32.95!

PLEASE REMEMBER: this is offer valid for the 16oz 6-packs only.

Our proprietary superfood blend is formulated to minimize whole body pain, provide healthy assistance for bone and joint support, and also increase flexibility. Plus, it has an added boost of Vitamin C, from Camu Camu for added immune support.
Buy one (99g) and get a second of the same half off.* Save $7.88!

E3Enzymes Supreme
Our Enzymes help break down fats, proteins and carbohydrates in food, allowing nutrients to be extracted, absorbed and carried through the blood stream to the organs and cells of the body.
Buy one (120ct or 50g) and get another bottle of the same size/variety half off.* Save up to $14.00!

Blue Majik is a Refractance Window™ dried Spirulina superfood. Great to use post-workout to support a healthy inflammation response. Its stunning blue all-natural pigment makes it perfect as a non-chemical blue food colorant for beautiful smoothies, lattes, ice cream, or any other blue food creation!

Create something BLUEtiful™ today.

Enjoy 10% off a Blue Majik bottle (60ct, 120ct or 50g) for a limited time.* Save 10% off the retail price!

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