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Dry and Liquid Goods - E3 Nano Silver


Silver has been historically used for centuries to treat a variety of ails. Today, many people turn to silver as a natural alternative because it's effective and safe.

We recommend keeping a bottle in your handbag, your car, your home, your bathroom cabinet, your backpack, and even your gym bag! It's a great way to shield yourself from germs and to assist in general health.

Nano Silver Uses:

  • Immune System Support - use daily or weekly, directly in the mouth. Can also be added to drinking water.
  • Use as a daily mouthwash to assist in good health of teeth and gums.
  • Also, spray directly on your toothbrush to help eliminate bacteria between uses.
  • Spray directly into your mouth when you have a sore throat, or first feel one coming on. Do a couple of sprays a few times per day.
  • Good for skin conditions.
  • Spray generously on cuts, wounds, scrapes, burns, or rashes to help ease and soothe irritation.
  • Good for smelly irritated feet. Over time, it helps to eliminate odor and skin conditions.
  • Use in nebulizers, misters, or vaporizers.
  • Give yourself added protection without exposing yourself to chemical hand sanitizers.

Germs are everywhere. Especially on door handles and any areas you or others touch frequently. Simply spray Nano Silver on surfaces and wipe clean, or spray Nano Silver directly onto your own hands.

There are many uses for Nano Silver. We encourage you to research for even more information.

Higher concentrations of colloidal silver can lead to increased risks for toxicity, therefore, you would want to look for a formula with a lower concentration or parts per million (ppm). E3 Nano Silver is 9 ppm and is safe and effective.


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