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Q&A with Adventure gypsy Malyssa Harelson
Creative, photographer, writer, smoothie lover, farmers market enthusiast, explorer, holistic health, organic vegetarian cooking, gardening, living in gratitude, affirmations, yin yoga, clouds, mountains, ocean, all things that are healing, body, mind & spirit.......meet Malyssa Harelson. Malyssa is a true adventure gypsy and chronicler of nature and beautiful things. Her passion for holistic health led her to start the blog Ginger and Greens so she could share recipes and health tips in a beautiful way.

We check in with Malyssa about her blog and top secrets for staying fit and healthy as an adventure seeker. She also shares some healing recipes she created that include E3Live superfoods!

Tell us about yourself and your blog.
My Blog is Ginger and Greens. The focus of my blog is creating and sharing delicious and simple recipes with healing ingredients. I want people to understand that eating 'healthy' doesn't have to taste like cardboard. It can be just as delicious as fast food but made with ingredients that benefit their health. I think it's a huge misconception I come across. Healthy foods can be just as delicious and even indulgent without the side effect of inflammation. Lately I am getting more focused on detoxification. Pollution of our environment has become more of an issue especially in highly populated cities like where I live: San Diego,CA. I am constantly exploring superfoods and herbs that help us achieve optimal health.

When and why did you become interested in a healthy lifestyle?
I have almost always been interested in a healthy lifestyle. I was an athlete for many years and was taking a spirulina protein shake all the way back in the 90s! What got me very inspired in the more recent years was experiencing inflammation in my body and having a bit of a health scare. That took me on a journey of figuring out what supplements I can take to help my body be at its optimal health. I have also been eating primarily an anti-inflammatory diet for a few years now. Recently I have been eating mostly vegetarian and I have noticed the difference it has made in my digestion/gut health. I find health fascinating and am always striving to combat things holistically. I wish that holistic health remedies were made more available to the public. A big part of what I am doing is spreading the knowledge I acquire through experimenting with different herbs, supplements, and superfoods. When I find one that works for a certain issue I want to share that with as many people as possible so that is where my blog came in.

Staying fit and healthy while adventuring can be tricky. What are your top secrets?
Staying healthy is pretty easy, as far as using Blue Majik on the road, I will buy some organic pressed juices and just mix it in first thing in the morning. I love Perfect Bars for travel, they are a nice way to get protein and superfoods as well. My fiancé and I have a van we travel in that has a small fridge so that definitely makes it easy. We tend to frequent health food stores, co-ops, and farmers markets when were are on the road searching for healthy yummy foods to stock up on. I would even say it’s one of our hobbies! It's so much fun. Staying fit on the road is pretty easy as well. We bring our bikes, kettle bells, and yoga mats. We always make time to get our workouts in and enjoy finding pretty trails to hike. We also bring our dog and take her on 2-3 walks a day so that’s always a nice way for us to get moving. If we are going on a weekend type trip we will usually do a lot of walking. Some trips we work out hard before and take that time off to just relax and enjoy ourselves!

What are your favorite E3Live superfoods?
I love Blue Majik, the fact supports healthy inflammation responses after exercise is in alignment with what Ginger & Greens is all about. I also really like E3AFA for its immune system boosting properties. Living in a highly populated city makes it easy to catch things when I am out and about running errands so the fact it boosts my immune system is extremely attractive in a supplement.

Share your tips for using E3Live superfoods in your recipes.
I recommend balancing E3Live's superfoods with a little sweetness like banana, apple, honey or dates. That cancels out any bitterness that may come from them. They mix in really well and have a nice texture that blends well. You will hardly know they are in your smoothie!

What's next for Malyssa?
Well I am getting married next year on May 4th so planning such a grand event has been consuming quite a bit of my time and creative energy though I still make time for my passion, Ginger & Greens. The future is so exciting for Ginger & Greens! The plan is to purchase a small travel trailer and flip into a beautiful superfood smoothie, snacks, and veggie taco 'truck' that will frequent some farmers markets and cater events all the while spreading the message that healthy healing foods are delicious!

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Ginger and Greens

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"I really like E3AFA for its immune system boosting properties."

“I want people to understand that eating 'healthy' doesn't have to taste like cardboard. It can be just as delicious as fast food but made with ingredients that benefit their health.”

using E3Live's Blue Majik spirulina extract superfood.

using both Blue Majik and BrainON our superfood blend with AFA and PEA extract.

using E3Live's E3AFA, the dried version of our signature superfood E3Live.

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