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Blue Majik Culinary Creations
Blue foods are popping up everywhere on social media. Unicorn Smoothies, Majikal Lemonade, Smurf Lattes, Blue Dream Cheesecakes - don't they look out-of-this world delicious? With all this BLUE food scrolling by, just know there is only one BLUE with benefits. BLUE MAJIK!

BLUE MAJIK not only turns your food into a beautiful looking bite or sip, but it also brings benefits to your body! After exercising, mix with water and help support inflammation responses. In other words–take Blue Majik post workout to soothe the soreness. Or create something amazing like
Stephen McCarty,
What's Up Moms and
Project Juice did!

We checked in with these culinary creators to find out why they LOVE to use BLUE MAJIK.

Raw Vegan Cheesecake Mastermind
Stephen McCarty uses Blue Majik to create beautiful blue desserts
Stephen McCarty is the mastermind creator of the beautiful Sukhavati Raw Vegan Desserts. He uses all natural plant-based ingredients and designs cheesecakes with a colorful mandala inspired by the recipient's aura. E3Live BLUE MAJIK is his go-to for the brilliant blue in his creations. Here he talks about inspiration, coloring and why he loves to use Blue Majik.
1. How did you get started in the raw cheesecake making business?
First I was an artist, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2001. Then I became a musician, touring and making records until 2010. I began working in vegan kitchens when my wife and I moved to Los Angeles in 2007, and when my music career ended, I decided to pursue food full time. That meant a lot of learning, and long days following orders. My wife Tracy had the vision for me to begin making raw vegan cheesecakes and posting them on Instagram. The first one made with that intention was Valentine's Day 2014! It wasn't long before my technique evolved into something that people wanted to enjoy in their own celebrations!

2. What inspires your creations?
I look at a photo of the person I am making a cake for, and ask for guidance from the universe. I am always looking to make something new, but I also try to just let it happen without my thoughts or judgments getting in the way.

3. What type of ingredients do you use to color your cakes?
Blueberries, dragonfruit, goji berries, turmeric, wheatgrass, and spirulina. There is also Cacao and espresso involved in some of the richer cakes!

Rainbow has always been the goal for my work, and I tried unsuccessfully to make blue with a lot of other ingredients. I'll never forget a yucky attempt with cabbage juice!

Once Blue Majik came into my palette, the rainbow really came to life. And I love spreading the word online when my viewers are incredulous that such a vivid color is naturally derived!
4. Blue Majik is what you use for a beautiful BLUE. Any special techniques or tips when using it?
To get a rich color without using the whole bottle, take a small amount (about 1/2 cup) of whatever you're trying to turn blue (cake filling, smoothie, sauce, etc.) and add Blue Majik 1/4 teaspoon at a time, whisking until desired blueness has been achieved. A bold blue line on a white background is often more striking than a sea of blue!

5. What's next for your business?
My wife and I are opening a dessert boutique on Sunset Boulevard, here in the Echo Park neighborhood of LA! It's a huge project that has taken all of our effort to bring into reality, and we are so excited. We hope to be open in October; it's called Solar Return! Come visit and have some cake!

Follow @stephenmccarty on Instagram to see his latest culinary beauties.

Most Popular Parenting YouTube Channel takes on Blue Majik
What’s Up Moms creates natural healthy Blue with Benefits food for kids
What's Up Moms is a great source for kid friendly healthy recipes and more. It's the #1 parenting network on YouTube! They have used E3Live Blue Majik in a few of their kid worthy culinary creations including a UNICORN SMOOTHIE inspired by the Unicorn Latte craze sweeping the internet. Here we talk with co-founder Meg Resnikoff about how Blue Majik makes kids want another bite.
1. How did What’s Up Moms get started?
My partner, Elle, and I had similar experiences searching for content online and coming up short. When we were first time moms, there were a million videos on how to apply mascara, but very few videos focused on parenting tips, like how to fly with a baby.

2. What inspires your kid pleasing recipes?
My own kids. They’re constantly telling me about which friend brought what for lunch, what they wished were different about their restaurant meals and AAA. We do lots and lots of recipe testing and my kids are very honest with their feedback. When we get it right, I’m confident sharing it with our audience.

3. How did you hear about Blue Majik and how have you used it?
I was researching natural ways to color food because my kids, and I think most kids, are intrigued by and drawn to food in bold colors. Natural blue food coloring is not that vibrant and has no health benefits. So when I came across Blue Majik, I was so excited.
4. Do kids really want to eat “blue food?”
Absolutely! The bluer the better.

5. What’s up next for What’s Up Moms?
We’ll continue to showcase fun, healthy food for families, DIY content, kids’ activities and, of course, plenty of parenting tips. But we’re excited to roll out a whole slate of content, with a slightly different feel, for our audience.

Follow @whatsupmoms on Instagram to get parenting tips for everything from crafts, to travel, to recipe ideas.

Or visit YouTube's number one parenting channel What's Up Moms.

A magical smoothie creation for kids and adults alike. Blue Majik is an easy way to get blue foods that are still healthy.

Remember these? These are the wildly popular frozen bananas from our last newsletter. They are also a What's Up Moms creation!

What’s Up Moms Co-founder Elle and her family.

Over the moon about Blue Moon smoothies
Project Juice customers are sold on the color of Blue Majik beverages AND the benefits
California based Project Juice works with local, certified organic farms to create delicious, nutrient dense cold-pressed juices, cleanses and plant based foods. They recently started using E3Live Blue Majik for in-store offerings and customers are loving the beautiful blue. We checked in with their director of product development Sascha Weiss to see what’s so Magikal about Blue Majik.
1. Tell us about Project Juice.
Project Juice began as our personal “project” to energize our bodies with superior nutrition. Our interest in cold-pressed juicing and elevating the quality of our food began by necessity, from our own struggles with food allergies and sensitivities. Our interest quickly became a passion after experiencing the undeniable benefits of consuming an organic diet, rooted in clean food and powerful cold-pressed juices.

Today, Project Juice helps thousands live their best lives, by developing and delivering the highest quality cold-pressed juice and clean food, through sustainable methods. We are the West Coast’s rapidly growing, certified organic, non-GMO, cold-pressed juice and clean food company. We cater to a devoted clientele, who range from front-page celebrities and nationally acclaimed fitness experts, to multitasking parents and busy professionals.

2. What products do you use Blue Majik in?
Our Blue Moon Smoothie has a coconut and almond base blended with Blue Majik— it’s been a top seller since we added it to our menu.

We’ve recently used Blue Majik in an off-menu special: the Unicorn Parfait. It contains Blue Majik mixed with our house-made probiotic coconut yogurt and is layered with dragon fruit, strawberries, cacao nibs, and coconut.

3. Any tips on how to work with Blue Majik?
For Blue Majik’s color to shine through, start with a light colored base: i.e. almond, coconut, or banana. Blueberries or cacao will limit its color.

4. What do your customers think about a blue beverage?
The response has been really positive, first to its unique color, then for its strong health benefits.

5. What’s next for Project Juice?
We have a number of new juices launching this fall, and a completely new product line also launching this fall. More news to follow!

Follow @projectjuice on Instagram for juice, smoothie, and other healthy eats inspiration.

Visit projectjuice.com for store locations and stop by to get a Blue Moon smoothie!

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