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Q&A with food blogger/stylist Alison Wu
"The Smoothie Queen" talks Blue Majik

Describe what you do.
I'm a food stylist, recipe developer and blogger. My blog is called Wu Haus. (www.wuhaus.com)

How did you earn the title "The Smoothie Queen?"
Haha! Well I don't know if I'm "the" smoothie queen. I think there are many smoothie queens out there!

How did you first hear about Blue Majik?
I found out about Blue Majik from a local Portland juice bar. They sell the dreamiest looking blue cashew mylk. When I first saw it, I fell in love with the color and needed to find out how they made the mylk that stunning blue color.

What is your favorite way to use Blue Majik in recipes?
I use it in 90% of the smoothies I make. I also love to use it in homemade nut mylk.

What benefits do you feel from Blue Majik?
The top reason I use Blue Majik is for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Where do you get your inspiration?
All over the place! Nature, geometry, minimalism, Japanese and Scandinavian design, other artists.

How do your smoothies look so beautiful?
It's magic!

Any fun projects coming up?
Starting an event series with another food stylist/blogger!

Follow Alison Wu
on INSTAGRAM @alison__wu
or her BLOG www.wuhaus.com

Blue Majik
Best post workout relief!

Fun physical activity can come with a price: soreness and inflammation. Blue Majik to the rescue! This brilliant blue spirulina extract contains Phycocyanin which is shown to support healthy inflammation responses after physical activity.


Blue Majik Mint Chip Chia Pudding Recipe
by Food Stylist Alison Wu

Try this delicious easy-to-make Chia Pudding and made extra beautiful with Blue Majik!

by Smoothie Queen Alison Wu!

"I highly recommend Blue Majik"
54 year old Steve Clark - Motocross/SUP/Surfer

"As an athletic man in his mid-fifties, looking to keep an edge for positive and progressive results at whatever I am competing in & SUP long and short distance racing, motocross racing, etc, the daily and long-term training requirements demand a solid nutritional intake to sustain the level of energy as well as recovery & in a on-the-go, easy-to-use mobile manner, I rely on Blue Majik Sticks to supplement my daily nutritional intake program. So easy, I just pour a stick into a small water-bottle, shake and ingest. Thank you so much for allowing me to keep my intensity-levels up and for a fast recovery post-event. I highly recommend Blue Majik on-the-go singles to anyone that requires a natural, organic nutritional supplement."

SEE TESTIMONIAL PAGE for more testimonials from athletes.

Our January Special
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You can take our convenient easy-to-use Blue Majik on-the-go singles skiing, running, to yoga & just mix with water or your favorite beverage and drink up! Great for post workout recovery. Get your FREE box today when you order a 6-pack or more of our fresh-frozen superfoods. Use coupon code: JANUARY2017.

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Happy Winter!
Cold Weather Greetings from Klamath Lake

Klamath Lake is completely frozen over and our E3Live algae is hibernating getting ready to awaken in late spring when the lake thaws and warms again. It looks like a great water year for the mountain lakes in the Pacific Northwest (including Klamath Lake) as the snow keeps coming!

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