Lindsey Stewart Soto
E3Live Equine helped us rehab Monty to the point he won four ribbons in a rated show and is still going strong. Thank you for a product that does what it says!

30-Year-Old Horse Gets A Second Chance And Becomes A Winner!

This is Monty, my best friend. He was almost put to sleep by his old owners for being old and unrideable. A friend rescued him and began rehab on him. She gave him to our family as we were wanting to get into horses and he needed his own people to love him. With our friend's help we started him on supplements including E3Live Equine. He put on two hundred pounds of muscle and his coat and skin now look amazing thanks to E3Live!

But most importantly E3Live has given new life to a horse given up for dead. He is kind to all animals including cats, dogs, and foals. He charms every person that he meets. Including to our surprise the judges at a rated horse show. He was most definitely the oldest horse there and he won two blue and two red ribbons. The judges were impressed at what great shape he was in. And we were impressed that after not knowing his background he got out there like he had done 100 shows before and did his job surely and calmly!

We love Monty and we love E3Live! Thank you for your wonderful product and all the health it brings our best friend.

Lindsey Stewart Soto

Sally Thoun
Here is a photo of my precious pups Cleo & Patra - now 13 years old.

E3 Canine aids pups with compromised immune systems

Here is a photo of my precious pups Cleo & Patra - now 13 years old.

They were born with comprised immune systems from a backyard breeder.

Just wish I knew about your product back then - would have saved a lot of vet bills.

I doubt their siblings are still alive.

Fed them wholesome, organic, grass-fed food - you are what you eat, whether a dog or human.

Cleo, her brother is on the left.

Patra is on the right.

These are when they were a bit younger.

She is now skinny and grey and lost a lot of hair from the Cushings, but always beautiful to me inside and out.

Her personality is back - bossy, wags her tail, eats well....still doing great.

Defying the vets who didn't think she would last this long.

Cherishing every day.

Thank you for extending Patra's walk across the rainbow bridge and having caring employees.

Sally Thoun

Yvonne McBride

TLC and AFA make for a magnificent transformation

Meet Ms. Bonnie (we often call her Bon Bon), a 3 1/2 year old AKC registered Rough Collie also referred to as a Lassie dog by people who meet her on the street. This joyful, precious ball of fur picked me as her caretaker in April 2018. She had been living outside in poor conditions exposed to all the elements and her owner no longer wanted her because "she is a runner". He admitted he was only keeping her around in hopes of breeding her and selling the puppies. Bonnie had other plans and she wiggled her way into my heart and home.

The groomer was appalled at her condition and told me that her coat may not recover from being exposed the the outside elements for so long. Her fur was bleached from the sun, frizzy from the bitter winters, brittle from wind and rain and was falling out in clumps. On top of the problems with her fur she was malnourished and so very tired - she just wanted a quiet safe place to rest and sleep.

I already knew the power of AFA and started Bonnie on a regimen of proper nutrition and 1gm of E3Canine powder 2 x daily with each feeding. Within a few months we noticed decreased shedding and her fur was growing back fuller, softer and the color became more vibrant shades of sable and white. Today I give her 1g of E3Canine powder daily as general maintenance and she continues to thrive.

I didn't need scientific research for me to be a believer on the benefits of AFA as I consume it myself. However, I came across an article on the internet that was published March of 2019 by Innovated Veterinary Care on the benefits of micro algae (specific to AFA) and dogs that may be of interest to others.

Lots of TLC and AFA has truly transformed Bonnie into the most magnificent Canine I have ever had the privilege to call my companion.

PS - "she is a runner", she runs into my arms everyday to show me how appreciative she is for a second chance.
Yvonne McBride
Klamath Falls, Oregon USA

Tomlinsons Pet & Feed

Mange & Skin Problem Recovery

This dog came to a local refuge center with horrible skin problems and mange. She could not take the prescribed meds because of an allergic reaction. At the beginning of February I had them start her on E3 Canine and diet change. These pictures were taken at the end of June and as you can see from the pictures, her skin has improved dramatically...
Tomlinsons Pet & Feed
Teresa, Manager

Pioneer Pet Feed & Supply

Pioneer Pet Feed & Supply Cats Have the Softest Fur, Thanks E3Live!

My visitors are amazed at how soft my shop cats fur is. E3Live (E3 Feline) is a great addition to my little obligate carnivores diet. I just mix in the smallest amount into their wet meals. Ivar & Vito Thank you!
Pioneer Pet Feed & Supply
Seattle, WA

Leslie Sloane

E3Live (E3 Canine) Really Helps My Dog Heal!

I have been using E3Live for the past year and have noticed quite a change in my system as fas as feeling cleaner and having more energy. It's the first thing I drink in the morning after my crystalline water.

I also give E3Live (E3 Canine) to my dog who was limping and had hip problems. Every morning I mix E3 Canine in with her organic food. She loves it and is really healing well!

They are wonderful products and I highly recommend them for both humans and animals!
Leslie Sloane
Auracle's Colour Therapy

Eleonore E.
Jerry is 12 years old and doing much better!

12-Year Old Dog Finds Relief With E3AFA (E3 Canine)

Jerry, my dog will be 12 years old in October of 2011. I have had him since he was 3 months old. He has always weighed about 20 pounds. He is a sparkling, energetic, jumping and tender dog. Jerry is very smart, with a great character and personality.

Veterinarians have unanimously been very positive about his health and balanced character (not a dominant dog or aggressive). 75% of his life he ate healthily, sometimes including cookies and some junk food. During his eleventh year, he suddenly changed. Though still sparkling and jumping, he began to sleep more than usual. Last February, he was jumping after his leash and the front ligament of his back knee was injured. A very small cut was diagnosed and no operation recommended, just time: no jumping, no stairs. Jerry was also prescribed supplements.

At that time, I was using New Chapter supplements (great products, philosophy and organization) for Jerry and myself, with irregularity due to the high cost of the product. When I discovered E3 Renew Me, I felt it was the perfect match for both of our specific needs and for my budget. It is easier to save a little bit every month until I reach the refill point. I am 41 years old and have never had any specific health concerns. Nevertheless, I have the satisfied feeling that whatever was left out with New Chapter is now harmoniously addressed by E3Live. E3Live provides me with a global well-being. I also gave E3 Renew Me to Jerry in smaller quantity. He had good results too; he was sleeping less and happier, but quickly I discovered that his intestines got slightly inflamed. A lovely lady, Christina from E3Live, quickly answered my concern and explained this was probably due to the cayenne pepper (Jerry has sensitive intestines since he was a baby), and advised me to try E3AFA (E3 Canine). Since then, Jerry's knee is still not inflamed, he jumps and runs again, his eyes have been clearer, his hair is beautiful as ever. My baby is back, all things considered, of course!

Kind Regards.
Eleonore E.
1st September 2011

Katy Muniz
Katy's Kitty and his Peppermint E3-nip

E3Live Soap for People AND Cats!

My cat loves the peppermint soap. He rubs his face & rolls his body all over the bar of soap. It's funny to watch him. It's better than cat nip. He has his own bar of soap.
Katy Muniz

Mikey & Deborah
Mikey is a 12 year old dog who now has more energy than he's had in years

Elderly Dog Restored to Health

I would highly recommend E3Live (E3 Canine) for elderly pets.

Last summer, my 12-year-old dog, Mikey, underwent a sudden decline in health. Just before he turned 12 last July, he suddenly began to have severe problems with arthritis, accompanied by lack of energy and stamina and a sinus condition that caused him to sneeze a lot...In December, a friend told me about E3 Canine. In the beginning, I gave him two teaspoons each morning on some crumbled dog biscuits.

Within a month, I was able to take him off the medicine. His health began to improve and by February, he was going for walks with me as he always had, and even running up and down the stairs! ...I continue to give him one teaspoon of E3 Canine each morning and he has more energy than he has had in years, and a very beautiful coat. People who saw him last year cannot believe he is the same dog.

I am very grateful to E3Live for restoring Mikey's health and perhaps ensuring that he will be around for years to come.
Mikey & Deborah

Paul M.
Paul's 10 year-old cat and his revitalized glossy coat

10 Year-Old Cat Puts on Weight & Plays Like a Kitten Again

My 10 year-old cat was having many digestive problems, he would eat, but often threw up what he ate after a while. As a result he was looking thin and undernourished. Also he has long hair and has had troubles with hairballs ever since he was little. I tried other remedies with little or no success, but after feeding him E3 Feline, I noticed significant improvement he kept the food down, put on weight and doesn't have such problems with the hairballs! Plus his nice long coat is now glossy and he plays like a kitten again, thanks E3Live!
Paul M.

Rosemary Sutton

Professional Dog Breeder Finds Results With E3 Canine & E3Live (for her 86-year old father too)!

After seeing the results of the dogs we breed and ourselves, we were truly believers. We were convinced what we were seeing was not just in our minds. The fact that this product really works was more than apparent. We then decided it was safe enough to give my father who is 86 years old and suffering from a condition involving forgetfulness, mood swings, and generally unpredictable emotional behavior.

He has lived with us since my mother died five years ago. Though his mind is slow, and he still knows who we are, it's not always easy to reason with him and to get him to do things that are good for himself. He had no appetite and was losing weight to the point that we were very concerned. He didn't want to do any exercise at all. He just wanted to stay in his room and read. When we would try and force him to eat, walk, or come out of his room, he would argue and be contrary with us and his caretaker, and sometimes be downright hateful.

We were recommended to give him the frozen live liquid E3Live, and were advised of the importance of getting him to drink as much pure water as possible. We give him 1 oz. a day in orange juice. Every day he asks what's this? we tell him it's vitamins in his o.j. We have an awful time trying to give him pills; he's forgotten how to swallow them. So he drinks it right down without another word.

After only about three days giving him the E3Live, we couldn't believe it. He came downstairs one morning we were all in the kitchen, and he very cheerfully said Good Morning, what a wonderful day!

We all looked at each other and our jaws dropped. That was just the beginning of a total mood turnaround. He is a different person than before. He is now eating much better, and it is so much easier to reason with him, and his energy level is higher. He comes out of his room and wants to go out. He's always saying if you're going out, don't forget me!.

His appetite and energy are much improved, but the most noticeable difference is that he is much more positive and happy, which has made our lives easier, and given his life a better quality. This new energy and nutrition sure has improved his health and attitude. Without the proper nutrition the mind's memory will not function and keep the mind strong and clear.
Rosemary Sutton
Owner of Summerwinds, BIS, Inc. Breeders of Champion Afghan Hounds and Whippets

George Cromack

Dog Finds New Energy

With my dog, the results have been phenomenal. He could not walk 2 steps about 2 months ago, that's when I started giving him E3Live (E3 Canine) every day.

In about 6 weeks he had gone from 20 hours of sleep a day (and me in tears cause I thought he was going to die in a few days) to about 10 hours a day and is now walking and prancing around the yard at times playing with a stick. His progress is amazing!
George Cromack

Janet Murphy

Shiny Coats. Bright Eyes. More Energy.

Just wanted to let you know that I ordered the (E3 Feline) flakes to give to my cats and they showed improvement immediately shinier coats, brighter eyes, more energy. Yay! Now we all take it together. Also, the skin care products are incredible. I ordered the trial pack, but I am going to order as soon as I finish the samples.
Janet Murphy

Kathleen Abelson

An Old Dog Can Heal

It was March 3, 2000, three days after my trip from India when my son yelled to me in the kitchen, Mom, Echo's legs just collapsed, she can't get up!

Echo is a purebred Australian shepherd who has reached the age 13 on a vegetarian diet, mostly dry dog food. Her arthritic condition made some show a year prior to her lame condition. I was using the E3 already and noticed all-around better health! But my family had full responsibility for Echo's care in the month I was gone and went back to the old dog food regime, which I don't blame them, keeping up with the raw food prep takes some conscious effort and time.

I talked to a friend who recommended Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) also known as E3 Canine.

Within 3 months, she was up and running again. The E3 Canine was her primary food mixed with her regular old vegetarian dog food. She was taking it easily as I was too. The E3 Canine was giving her energy and movement improved in her back legs.

We all need love and attention to make any healing progress and I'm convinced that the AFA from E3Live is from a loving source sold by caring people who also experience it's healthful loving qualities that nurture from within.

I'm so grateful that my parents are getting a LIVE gift for Christmas for their new puppy to keep well on (and hopefully they'll take it too). So if an old dog can heal, can't we too?
Kathleen Abelson

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