Dr. Brian Clement
Brain Clement Ph.D.,.LN. Co-Director Hippocrates Health Institute hippocratesinst.org

Dr. Brian Clement - E3Live Is The Most Vital Wild-Grown Foundational Food On Earth

I personally consume fresh-frozen, liquid E3Live daily and consider it to be one of nature's most beneficial superfoods. E3Live is an edible, wild-harvested aquabotanical, certified organic and kosher.
The Hippocrates philosophy is dedicated to the belief that a pure enzyme-rich diet, complemented by positive thinking and non-invasive therapies, is an essential element on the path to optimum health.

If you think of your body's constitution like the foundation of a house, with all its cracks and crevices, you can think of E3Live as being able to fill in those nutritional cracks and crevices to give you superior health. We here at Hippocrates consider it the most vital wild-grown foundational food on Earth.

Dr. Brian Clement Ph.D.,L.N.
Co-Director Hippocrates Health Institute
West Palm Beach, Florida

Dr. Fred Bisci
Fred Bisci Ph.D. Founder, Your Healthy Journey Lifestyle Program yourhealthyjourney.org

Dr. Fred Bisci - E3Live Nourishes The Body and Mind on Multiple Metabolic Pathways

As a clinical nutritionist with over 40 years experience, I'm impressed and delighted at how E3Live helps such a wide range of health problems.

I can only conclude that E3Live has the therapeutic versatility of a true adaptogen, nourishing the body and mind on multiple metabolic pathways at the deepest of physiological levels. E3Live's energetic boost is therefore wholesome and lasting, unlike the temporary ups and downs of unhealthy stimulants such as sugar and caffeine.
Find out what leaving out processed foods will do for you and what eating real, fresh foods really means. Visit my website for a series of informative videos about a Real, Fresh Food Approach.

Dr. Fred Bisci Ph.D.
Founder, Your Healthy Journey Lifestyle Program
New York, NY

Dr. Theresa Dale, Ph.D., N.D

Dr. Theresa Dale Recommends E3Live to Maintain a Healthy Physical and Mental State

I suggest every person who wants to maintain a healthy physical and mental state use E3Live on a daily basis. E3Live is a live food. E3Live is good for children, teenagers and adults of any age.

Dr. Theresa Dale, Ph.D., N.D
International Pioneer in Energetic Medicine, Hormone Rejuvenation and Self-Help Health Education

Dr. Baxter D. Montgomery, MD
Dr. Baxter Montgomery, MD Montgomery Heart and Wellness Center, Houston, TX montgomeryheart.com

Dr. Baxter Montgomery on E3Live - An Incredible Boost in Mental Clarity

Within a few days of starting to drink E3Live, my staff and I noticed a leap in our stamina during our workouts, an incredible boost in our mental clarity and ability to stay focused, and a decrease in our appetite. Our patients have commented that they are losing cravings for "the bad foods" as they continue to drink E3Live. We are amazed and overjoyed at the tremendous results we see with regular use of this live super food.

Dr. Baxter Montgomery, MD
Houston Cardiac Association
HCA Wellness and Disease Reversal
Houston, Texas
Baxter Montgomery, M.D., is a busy cardiologist in Houston, TX. As a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Cardiology at the University of Texas and a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology, he manages arrhythmias and coronary disease, performs angiography, defibrillator implants, and other hospital procedures, and teaches young physicians. Dr. Montgomery believes a healthy diet is plant-based and he speaks about nutrition at various conferences as well as teaching living foods nutrition in a small-class setting.

Rosemarie Paasch-Robatcek, MA, CNA

Dramatically Improved Focus

BrainOn has changed my life in many ways. It has helped raise my grade point average by a full point. My stress level has decreased, and I am able to retain greater amounts of information. My ability to focus for longer periods of time has dramatically improved, and I have not had a cold or the flu since I started taking this product, the summer of 2007. I used to rely on caffeine and nicotine for stimulation during school; however, once I started taking BrainON routinely, this is no longer necessary.

I require less sleep, less food, and my energy levels have increased. My endurance level at the gym has skyrocketed! I have softer skin, and my hair and nail growth is remarkable. BrainON is something I have gotten my family and friends to consume, and it is a superfood I believe no one should live without.
Rosemarie Paasch-Robatcek, MA, CNA
Bachelor of Science in Allied Health Management
Oregon Institute of Technology

Jenny Wong
Jenny Wong
Holistic Health Counselor
Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

E3Live Kicks Off My Day!

With the stresses of daily life alongside travel, living in hotels, and a diet on the go, I started to begin to feel a decline in my vitality, mental clarity, mood, and digestion. My skin and hair lost their luster, my eyes were drawn and dark, and depression knocked at the door.

After receiving a certification as a Holistic Health Counselor, I started to improve my diet, but after adding E3Live to my daily regimen my health was taken to an unprecedented level. E3Live kicks off my day with a serious dose of energy from nutrient dense aquabotanicals which subside my food and sugar cravings. this is especially crucial when stuck in the airport!! I do not miss a day without taking E3Live. Thank you E3Live! My health has improved for the better.

Jenny Wong
Holistic Health Counselor
Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H
Gabriel Cousens M.D., M.D.(H), D.D. Founder, Tree of Life Foundation treeoflifefoundation.org

Dr. Gabriel Cousens - E3Live Nourishes The Body at the Cellular Level

As a physician working with thousands of clients, I find that E3Live helps to restore overall biochemical balance by nourishing the body at the cellular level. The positive response from the use of E3Live has been extraordinary.

A wonderful and unique blend for peak performance of body, mind, and spirit that should be included in any detoxification and rejuvenation program. I take it myself daily.

E3Live and E3 BrainON offer an expansive effect on our consciousness. More than any other food, E3Live enables us to make a paradigm shift and enjoy a sense of well-being. Many people experience a quality of joy that's really subtle with E3 BrainON.

Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, M.D.
Founder, Tree of Life Foundation
Patagonia, Arizona
Gabriel Cousens is one of the world's foremost holistic medical doctors & author of Depression-Free for Life, Conscious Eating, and other books.

Karl J. Abrams

Professor Karl J. Abrams - E3Live Provides Nutrients At Their Absolute Nutritional Peak

E3Live has more bio-available chlorophyll than any other food. In biochemical research circles, the presence of chlorophyll in such high quantities is a clear indication of the AFA's extraordinarily high life-force. This inherent vitality helps keep the AFA's wide spectrum of nutrients at their absolute nutritional peak.

For me, this partially explains the mystery of how E3Live can have so many positive health benefits.

Karl J. Abrams
Professor of Chemistry
author of Algae to the Rescue and also Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Nutritional Approach

Dr. Wayne Pickering
Dr. Wayne Pickering N.D., Th.D., Sc.M. The Ambassador for Health wayne-pickering.com

Dr. Wayne Pickering, The Ambassador for Health, Recommends E3Live

If you want to be tough you have to eat good stuff!  E3Live is good stuff!

Dr. Wayne Pickering
The Ambassador for Health
Owner, The Center for Nutrition
Daytona Beach, Florida
Wayne Pickering, N.D., Th.D., Sc.M. is an Author, Nutritional Performance Coach, Life Management Consultant, Professional Speaker, and Personal Success Coach with over 26 years of entrepreneurial experience. He has spoken in five countries and has shown thousands how to enjoy life totally free of health problems caused by poor eating habits.

Dr. George Cromack
Dr George Cromack
Author of Renew Yourself

Dr George Cromack, Author of Renew Yourself, Recommends E3Live

Conceptually I'd like you to understand that the E3Live Blue-Green Algae is the closest link in terms of our food chain to the Sun. In other words, it's capturing Sun energy and the different wave-lengths of the Sun [...] are captured in that E3Live.

As you move further away from the Sun on the food chain, down into fruits, down into vegetables, and then get to the more animal-type products like dairy and meat, you're getting further and further away from that source of sunlight.

Dr. George Cromack
Author of Renew Yourself
Dr. Cromack has been working with live foods since 1973 and is considered a pioneer of the modern live food movement in the US. His interests include big wave surfing, swimming, diving, biking, martial arts, fitness, travel, yoga, and research. He is passionate about helping people achieve their optimum health and well-being.

David Wolfe

David Wolfe Recommends E3Live Over Any Other Algae

E3Live is the freshest and by far the best AFA on the market! I recommend E3Live over any other algae. Test and be convinced!

David Wolfe
Nationally known health educator & author of the best-selling book The Sunfood Diet Success System and also the book Eating For Beauty

Michael Grant White

Optimizes Blood Oxygen Levels

As a professional breathing coach and holistic health counselor, I recommend E3Live to all my clients, whether they are asthmatics, professional singers or world-class athletes.

E3Live's tremendous synergy of nutrients and energetic charge create a physiological foundation for feeling good on a moment-to-moment basis.
Michael Grant White
Master Trainer
for Optimal Breathing Development

Scott Barry

Never Measured Any Food With a Higher Frequency Than E3Live

My testing laboratory utilizes the state-of-the-art BP-2 Frequency monitor, a sophisticated scientific device which measures, with great precision, the specific life-force, vibrational frequency of essential oils, foods, nutriceuticals and other substances. In my entire professional career, I've never measured any food with a higher frequency than E3Live, the brand name of a wild-grown, liquid fresh water food, Aphanizomenon flos-aquae.

With such a remarkable read-out-and the "objective scientist" phase completed, it was natural for me to take the next step, to experience E3Live for myself. I'm delighted to report E3Live has made a noticeable improvement in the quantity and quality of my concentration and endurance throughout the day, especially in my athletic performance during my 6-mile run.
Scott Barry
Higher Frequency Labs

Anna Priest

Researcher Anna Priest - E3Live is a Unique Nutritional Product

I don't usually endorse products but I've found the response I've had to E3Live, in just a few weeks, has been noticeable and positive. I think it's a unique nutritional product which has great potential to help those with symptoms due to toxicity/impaired detox capacity, malabsorption, and sluggish metabolism.

Having had a medical condition with symptoms like severe tiredness and a drained feeling for many years along with severe immune/endocrine problems, and currently being only partly functional, I've tried just about every treatment and product on the market. I noticed a difference within a week of taking E3Live, primarily a slight boost in energy and greater mental clarity. My cognitive processes are consistently better, mood and concentration especially, and best of all, my 'down time' to recover from activity is far less than before. I can only attribute the benefits to E3Live as nothing else has changed in my regime.

Being that AFA is an edible water plant, I was at first skeptical that it might have absorbed toxic metals into the cell wall, primarily mercury, from the surrounding water and air. However, I've seen independent lab reports stating that the product is free of toxic metals and chemicals. Therefore, this leaves it free to absorb YOUR toxins, and in a similar manner to chlorella algae, it may assist in removing them from the body.

As well as assisting with detox, being so comprehensive in its makeup, I believe it's an all-in-one daily supplement, which can replace a number of others. If you're going to try this product and your health has been seriously compromised, you should begin slowly and build up gradually. Also very important is to drink plenty of clean water each day to support the body's detox systems and elimination pathways.

For those with seriously impaired detox capacity you should consult your health care practitioner who can answer specific questions for you.

Anna Priest
Independent Researcher
Grafton, Australia

Barbara Turunen, D.C.

Barbara Turunen, D.C. - Recommends E3Live, a Vital Life Force for the Body

I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with your E3Live. I am a chiropractor and have been recommending greening/alkalizing products to my patients for many years and find your liquid AFA superior to others I've used.

Earlier this year I recommended E3Live to a patient who was undergoing a very depleting treatment for a serious medical condition. Almost immediately she began feeling more energy and experienced a noticeable reduction in adverse side-effects of the treatment. Her medical doctors noticed and commented on her increase in energy and on how quickly her hair grew back after her treatment regime. Other medical treatments followed, which was five days a week for over seven weeks, and she played tennis during that time.

I prefer E3Live because it is a whole food product and, in the liquid form, it has more vital life force for the body to use for repair and healing.

Barbara Turunen, D.C.
Barbara Turunen, D.C.

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