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Listen to a series of 12 Interviews that answer ALL your questions about how to "BEAT YOUR STRESS" = How to be more relaxed, accomplish more under pressure, feel excited about every aspect of your life and enjoy a more well-balanced lifestyle by Kicking Stress out of your Life once and for all!

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Wayne PickeringTHE Health Ambassador
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The Beat Your Stress Series — with Wayne Pickering

  • Promotes Relaxation
  • Enhances Health
  • Cultivates Vitality
  • Fosters Clarity
  • Increases Focus
  • Reduces Stress
  • Boosts Energy and
  • Stimulates Weight Loss
These 12 Interviews can give you insights about the negative effects of stress on your body, the impact of stress at work and ideas for coping with stress and what you can do to greatly improve the quality of your life. Listen to the archive NOW!

Special Guest — Wayne Pickering
My Special Guest is Dr. Wayne Pickering "THE AMBASSADOR for HEALTH" from Daytona Beach, Florida and this week his topic will be How to VIEW Stress & is there such a thing as GOOD STRESS? Recognizing the main sources of Stress and what you can do about it...

Wayne Pickering — THE Ambassador for Health
Wayne Pickering, N.D., Sc.M. is an Author, Nutritional Performance Coach, Life Management Consultant, Professional Speaker and Personal Success Coach with over 26 years entrepreneurial experience. He has spoken in five countries and has shown thousands how to enjoy life totally free of health problems caused by poor eating habits.

Dr Wayne is an...

Author — of 10 Health Guides; several C/D ROM's; 8 Books; 22 Audio Learning Programs; award winning Video Series titled "Is Your Diet A Riot", 32 Special Reports, over 300 Articles on Fitness, Stress & Nutrition, a weekly e-zine that goes out to over 13,000 opted in subscribers as well as 16 Websites & 10 Health Systems all distributed in 37 countries!

Nutritional Performance Coach, Life Management Consultant & Disease Prevention Specialist

International Professional Speaker — (Past President of the National Speakers Association in Florida) who has spoken in five countries and has shown thousands how to enjoy life totally free of health problems caused by Stress and Poor Nutrition and lack of Fitness.

more about THE Ambassador to Health

Wayne Pickering's prognosis was death at age 30. Now, at 60 years young, Dr. Wayne is an award winning Triathlete and a double nominee for the Healthy American Fitness Leader Award.

As a licensed Florida Nutrition Counselor, he improves human performance by sharing several ways to eliminate burnout and create harmony between business and personal life.

His programs are approved for continuing education credits by the Florida and Alabama State Boards of Pharmacy and most recently by the Florida Board of Dentistry.

His purpose is teaching you how to be the Healthiest Person on the Planet and not the Wealthiest Person in the Grave with easy steps that focus on Nutrition and a basic philosophy, "If you want to be tough, you have to eat good stuff!"

He is the founder of the Daytona Beach based Center for Nutrition & Life Management, Inc. He's an amazing man with an awesome story. Give him a minute and he'll give you a lifetime!

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