Interview Clip - 3

dr brian clement - interview - clip 3

Presenting Our Dr. Brian Clement Educational Video Series!
Bringing you more knowledge and information about our amazing superfood from one of the world's leading health and longevity experts.

E3Live® with
Dr Brian Clement — director of the Hippocrates Health Institute
The preeminent leader in the field of natural and complementary health care and education since 1956. The Hippocrates Philosophy is dedicated to the belief that a pure enzyme-rich diet, complemented by positive thinking and non-invasive therapies, are essential elements on the path to optimum health.

In the third clip of this 13 part health series Dr. Brian Clement speaks about E3Live's ability to help your entire body.

CLIP 3 - E3Live Is Beyond a Superfood — It's the Food of the Future

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