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The E3Live team strives to give its clients exceptional service and care. Read here about our client services policies, our stellar team, and what some of our clients think of their experience with our service representatives.

E3Live Client Services

Delivering outstanding client services
Our approach to client servicing demonstrates E3Live's commitment to building successful, long-term relationships. From the first contact we strive to meet your needs by providing quality products along with advice and guidance on product information.

Commitment to quality
E3Live recognizes the need to consistently provide premier quality assurance to our clients. To facilitate this commitment to quality, we have created specialized teams to ensure the success of each client experience. From the initial stages of harvesting to the care and packaging of your order, our teams strive to deliver the superior product and service you deserve.

Dedicated service teams
Our specialized teams enhance the client service effort by providing unique expertise and direction on specific client needs.

Client Service Representatives
Although every employee at E3Live contributes to a great client experience, we have an outstanding team of client service representatives dedicated to your individual needs.

Premium Service from Real People at E3Live

I strive to connect with each and every client I speak with on the phone. If they aren’t happy, I’m not happy. My client’s satisfaction is my one and only goal, and I carry out each day with a smile on my face, happiness in my heart, and THAT goal in my mind.

— Krista Wooley
Client Service Representative

Working as a client service representative for E3live has been one of the most uplifting experiences. I have never met and talked to so many positive and inspiring people in my entire life. I get this overwhelming satisfaction from helping so many beautiful individuals every single day!

— Hanna Clyde
Client Service Representative

Here at E3Live we take great pride in knowing that our clients become like our family and friends. I love knowing that when I come to work everyday, I am coming to a place that I can build relationships with everyone that I speak with and be their to support them with all of the questions they may have.

— Ashley Duval
CSR Manager

It is great to work for a company that has wonderful products and that truly cares for their clients. As a client service representative I can share this with our clients by sincerely helping them in anything they may need and with a smile on my face.

— Liz Magaña
Client Service Representative

As a Client Service Representative, my goal is my clients satisfaction. I love to hear the stories on how our products change the lives of so many people within the United States, as well as around the world!

— Rick Graham
Volume/International Liason

E3Live is a product that may help many people, with a variety of health issues. As a Client Service Representative, everyday I am eager to come to work because what we do here changes lives.

It's the best feeling in the world so speak with someone who is so on fire, and passionate about the products and how they have helped them.

— Sloane Toschik
Client Service Representative

As a client service representative for E3Live, I feel we are not only changing people's lives for the better; I'm also changing my life for the better! Our clients are some of the nicest people I have ever met. It's an honor to be working here!

— Carlos Guzman
CSR Office Assistant

E3Live is not just my job, it's a way of life! I love promoting a product to all of my friends and family that I use, love, and believe in every single day.
In my opinion...
A day without E3Live is like a day without sunshine!

— Desire Oliver
Client Service Representative

Kudos About Our Service from Clients

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for the excellent customer service that you provide. I love getting an e-mail saying that my order has been delivered. I also appreciate the e-mail I get saying that the order has been shipped along with the tracking number. It's the little things that make me keep coming back along with your superior products.

— Kristy

I wanted to tell you that my shipment of E3Live arrived early this afternoon taking all of one day. One day!

I'm very happy with the personal service from your Client Service reps and I'm very impressed by the professional packaging of the products.

Other companies could learn a great deal from yours...not only do you sell a top notch product, but your commitment to personal services is truly outstanding!

— Kirsty Findlay
Sooke, British Columbia, Canada

I just wanted to tell everyone how much Brian and I appreciate your company. You are a rare company that puts the client first, and is interested in the well being of each client.

Your company and employees have such high standards of excellence; it is very difficult to find a company such as [E3Live] in this day and age. Thank you.

— June and Brian

I was so excited when I received my E3Live. The way it was packaged was wonderful. I could tell a lot of care was taken in packing the E3Live. I wanted to Thank the processing department for the wonderful job they do. My E3Live had not even started defrosting when I received it. You are doing an awesome job!

— Barbara
New York

Our neighbors (whom we don't know) two houses from us received our ice-packed box and we received their ice-packed box, which was filled to capacity with prescription drugs (I opened the box before checking the name/address). I couldn't help thinking that the E3Live would have done them more good!

Thank you again for the precious gift — it is really appreciated. "Emerald Blend" [now Total Body Blend] makes me think of the Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz — in this case a place of perfect health and beauty — we should all move there!!!

— Kind Regards,
Mary Jo

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