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ADD our organic superfood E3Live to your favorite recipes. Or look here for some inspiration as to how to get your greens in new and different ways. Whether in smoothies or juices, dips or dressings, E3Live can give your dishes the extra nutritional boost that your body craves.

featuring Blue Majik Superfood / from E3Live

featured superfood: BLUE MAJIK

Blue Majik is our proprietary, certified organic, chemical free extract of Arthrospira platenisis (Spirulina). This superfood is a stunning blue that will transform your raw recipes while giving them a nutritional boost.

some blue majik recipes to enjoy
Apple blueberry crumb pie
Banana Blue Majik pie
Blue Majik banana ice cream
Blue Majik macaroons
Blue Majik mint chip chia pudding (by Alison Wu)
Blue Majik smoothie
Blue Majik Virgin Margarita
Golden and Blue Majik Cashew Milk
Majik peach cobbler
Super blueberry pudding