E3 Algae Baby

a.k.a. Al G. Baby

E3 Algae Baby
Price: $4.95


E3 Blue Green Algae Baby!—This year's harvest has supplied us with an abundant bloom of E3 Babies!

Now you can share the joy of owning your very own AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) aqua-botanical blue-green algae baby, also known as "Al G. Baby", the coolest cat on the lake!

Have you glimpsed an Al G. Baby out-and-about? Check out these photos of all the places and faces his owners have had him visit: Al G. Baby Photo Contest Archive. Be sure to take yours on an adventure too!

The green on our E3 Blue Green Algae Baby represents all the amazing benefits of chlorophyll, the blue represents PEA (phenyethylamine), great for focus and clarity.

Approx. 12 inches tall.

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My daughter absolutely loves this little E3Live algae baby! She carries it with her everywhere. She loves tickling herself and others with the little tassles.

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