Quick Reference Guide - Wheatgrass Drinks and Sprouts

Wheatgrass Drinks and Sprouts Guide
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Written by the Hippocrates Health Institute, this easy to understand and practical chart by Permacharts contains information to help you in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Wheat grass juice, green drinks and sprouts contain exceptionally high levels of many powerful nutrients. Various properties of sprouts include amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and high quality protein - making them one of the most perfect foods known to mankind. The body is able to utilize these elements of plant life for optimum health.

what is that green stuff?

Chlorophyll: The foundation of all plant life.
Do you know that chlorophyll has been called "nature's greatest healer"? Living foods such as wheatgrass juice, green drinks, and sprouts help your body to help itself while also cleansing and boosting your immune system. Improved mental clarity and a slowed aging process are also achieved.

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Wanted a few tips to see if I can use my juicer more often. The main problem is prep time in washing and cutting up the veggies.

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