Mary Louise Zeller

At 57, I'm the oldest competitor to have ever won a U.S. National Tae Kwon Do championship and a Gold Medal in full-contact sparring at an international championship. Some people might think I have a rare genetic make-up that would allow me to do what I do. Yet when I started Tae Kwon Do at the age of 46, I weighed 25 pounds more, couldn't run a block without stopping, and was experiencing the dreaded decline of aging. Instead of my being some extraordinary exception to the rule, I now know that that superior health is available to everyone!

E3Live makes a huge impact on my emotional and mental well-being. At 57, I literally have another youth to live. An additional benefit of E3Live has been in keeping my mood positive.

E3Live is a breakthrough for the modern human being, something that can strengthen us in the face of today's environmental, emotional and physical stress. E3Live is an important member of my 'team'.

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