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Radiation Testing - In Response to Japan's Nuclear Disaster

PDF of Letter from CEO and Radiation Test Results PDF of Letter from CEO and Radiation Test Results

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Letter Text:

Dear E3Live Family,

We have had so many requests to prove radiation safety since the disaster that we are publishing this. We at E3Live take a very proactive approach in testing and monitoring of our products and environment, making certain that everything that we offer to our E3Live family is of the highest and purist of quality. The amount of testing that we do on our products is not required by law, but done as a reassurance to our clients that E3Live is a responsible company and that we truly care about the people we serve.

The enclosed testing results are for Radiation Testing on E3Live® and E3AFA®. This test covers all of our products that contain AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) algae, or extracts from the AFA such as BrainON. All test results have come back as below detection limits for possible contamination of radio-nuclides from the Japanese Nuclear Disaster March 11, 2011.

We will continue to monitor Upper Klamath Lake and the products we offer for possible contaminates, to ensure that you receive only the highest quality AFA. Thank you for your business and continued support,

Tamera Campbell
CEO — E3Live

For more details on the above information, please contact us 541-273-2212.