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E3 SpirulinaLive is 100% guaranteed.
E3Live offers a one year guarantee on this product. We believe in your full satisfaction. Learn more.

E3 SpirulinaLive may promote

A Boost in Energy*

Support for a healthy immune system*

Post workout supplement for healthy inflammation responses*

Fewer sugar cravings*

Assistance in the prevention of overeating*

Support for healthy intestinal flora*

Healthy response to allergies*

gluten free vegan non-gmo


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serving size

One .5 oz stick.

suggested use

Remove one or more pouches and tear at perforation. Keep the remaining pouches in freezer until ready to use.

important note

Keep E3 SpirulinaLive frozen until use. Use immediately after thawing

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If you are pregnant or nursing, consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use


In 1997, we introduced the world's first fresh-frozen AFA—E3Live. Now you have a chance to be one of the first to experience the amazing benefits of the world's first and only fresh-frozen spirulina—E3 SpirulinaLive!

E3 SpirulinaLive, like E3Live, is a nutrient dense aquabotanical. Our spirulina is never dried or processed. It is frozen fresh as a liquid and closest to its natural state, providing easily absorbed and assimilated nutrition. We guarantee you will "feel the difference!" E3 SpirulinaLive has 50-60% complete protein by dry weight basis. This revolutionary breakthrough superfood algae also contains valuable nutrients including B vitamins, Iron, and Vitamin A.

Most Spirulina powder is spray dried at high temperatures, killing the enzymes and the lifeforce of Spirulina. Fresh frozen Spirulina is closest to its natural state a possible, providing easily assimilated, packed nutrition that your body craves.

The best news? Not only is E3 SpirulinaLive great tasting, we offer an unconditional one year moneyback guarantee! Mixed with your favorite beverage (tastes delicious with coffee), you can start your day with a great energy boost. Use E3 SpirulinaLive in conjunction with E3Live for maximum benefits!

Available in boxes containing 32 frozen easy to use .5 oz packets. Each box is only $35—order now! Be one of the first to experience the amazing benefits of E3 SpirulinaLive!

Many of our clients empty one pouch directly into 4-6 oz of cool water or your favorite juice, allowing E3 SpirulinaLive to thaw - stir and enjoy. As a smoothie booster, empty pouch into your favorite smoothie mix, blend and enjoy.


100% Arthrospira platensis (Spirulina)

Customer Reviews
5.00 average rating
5 reviews
I've been taking the spirulina powder, and have only recently started consuming the spirulina fresh-frozen. Let me tell you, it was the best decision I've ever made! E3Live's spirulina is tasteless and absorbs almost instantly for me! I only wish I knew about E3Live sooner!
Carlos 5/3/2016
To anyone who uses Spirulina, you NEED to try this fresh-frozen form! It has no flavor, and it goes great in almost anything! (Even my coffee!!!) Since using this fresh-frozen Spirulina, I have noticed a HUGE increase in my energy, and it lasts all day! This product is amazing!
Sloane 5/3/2016
This product is absolutely AMAZING! First of all, the fact that is has NO TASTE OR SMELL screams perfect to me! I throw it in my smoothies in the morning, along with a Single Serve Packet of BrainON and it makes it the perfect consistency. With the mix of those two, it keeps me energized all day long and pushes me to be able to go to the gym after work, too! The Single Serves are so convenient that I don't even need to think twice about taking this product. You can't go wrong with this, I love it!
Moriah 5/2/2016
Katie 5/2/2016
Fresh frozen Spirulina has proved to be far superior over any of its other forms! Since I have been taking this product I have noticed HUGE differences in my energy levels and overall health. I love to use it as a smoothie booster, and I adore the convenience of the single serving packets because I am always on the go. This is a fresh quality product, and I would suggest it to anyone looking to improve themselves!
Hanna 5/2/2016

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** In trace amounts.