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4 Living Foods Elders.
4 opinions.
Listen to their wisdom.

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Fred Bisci, PhD
Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD
Viktoras Kulvinskas
Brian Clement, PhD, LN

Finally all the answers you need in one MUST READ lifetime go-to manual for health and longevity.

about the book

4 Living Foods Elders. 4 opinions.
Listen to their wisdom.

Our Elders—World Renowned Raw Living Foods Pioneers answer your most important health questions:

Fred Bisci, PhD
Brian Clement, PhD, LN
Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD
Viktoras Kulvinskas

We have been getting professional and personal advice from these 4 extraordinary Elders for a few decades. We trust their opinions, as they are based on many many years of clinical experience and personal exploration. They have each written several books about health and we're excited to share with you a book that brings their 4 opinions together.

—Tamera Campbell E3Live CEO
& Michael Saiber E3Live President

about the authors

We as a group, have over 200 years of history in the live food clinical, research, personal experimentation and counseling, while observing for decades the results of our guidance.
— Viktoras Kulvinskas
We are here to give you the tools that we have seen work in hundreds of thousands of people's lives.
— Brian Clement, PhD, LN

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A wonderful resource for anyone looking to improve their health, lots of helpful answers here!
Cindy 12/21/2015