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Algae Baby with Skin Care Trial Pack

al g. and a trial skin care pack


This E3 Blue Green Algae Baby comes with a satin pouch containing our trial skin care set. A perfect treat for someone special. Introduce them to the healthy glow that our E3 Natural Beauty line can inspire.

algae baby description

E3 Blue Green Algae Baby—This year's harvest has supplied us with an abundant bloom of E3 Babies!

Now you can share the joy of owning your very own AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) aqua-botanical blue-green algae baby, also known as "Al G. Baby", the coolest cat on the lake!

The green on our E3 Blue Green Algae Baby represents all the amazing benefits of chlorophyll, the blue represents PEA (phenyethylamine), great for focus and clarity.

Approx. 12 inches tall.

Algae Baby with Skin Care
Price: $9.95


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Customer Reviews
4.67 average rating
3 reviews
I love the E3 Light Creme. I still have half left of the trial size and already love it. It gives some kind of refreshing zing to my eye area and I'm even waking up more refreshed just from putting it on at night time. I had some tiny lines forming from my skin being so dry and they're already gone. I was having a problem with black circles under my eyes for whatever reason but that is also pretty much gone. Amazing. The cream for 'chapped' skin didn't do anything for me. Could do without that. Sorry. And the polish was OK but maybe a little too abrasive for my skin. My skin is used to being exfoliated but this might be too much.
Jen 12/20/2011
I got this great offer because I know how much I love the skin care products already and it come with a cute greenie baby that I gave to my little one, the only thing is he is 7 months old and love to put things in his mouth .Unfortunately its tassle ends didn't hold up and came unraveled. So to prevent from choking I had to cut them off, now he chews away and loves it!
audree 3/2/2009
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